The festival site at Great Tew lends itself perfectly to 4 beautiful camping areas:

General Camping:

This is the main campsite that the majority of Cornbury Music Festival goers choose to camp in – a tented campsite set it stunning surroundings with showers, toilets, catering and nightly entertainment.

Ease your load and have your spot reserved in the General Campsite with a Tangerine Fields tent. Let them take the hassle out of your weekend so all you have to do is turn up, move in and enjoy the festival!

To camp on the general campsite, you will need to purchase ‘Weekend with Camping’ tickets when they go on sale.

Quieter Camping:

We have a ‘Quieter Camping’ field for those of you who would prefer not to be disturbed by the campsite entertainment, or who have young children. The ‘Quieter Camping’ field is a tented campsite only and live-in vehicles cannot be parked here. Please do not purchase a ‘Quieter Camping’ ticket and hope to bring a live-in vehicle too – they are 2 separate camping fields!

To camp in the ‘Quieter Camping’ area, you will need to purchase ‘Weekend with Quieter Camping’ tickets when they go on sale.

Campervans & Caravans:

If you would like to bring your campervan (caravans & trailer tents permitted), you will need to purchase a ‘Campervan Permit’ when tickets go on sale. A ‘Campervan Permit’ allows you a pitch of 6m x 7.5m in which you will be able to park your campervan, caravan or trailer tent, and put up an awning and/or pitch a small 2 man tent if required. Please note – we do not provide electrical hook ups for campervans.

VEHICLES OVER 7.5m IN LENGTH BY PRIOR ARRANGEMENT WITH THE CORNBURY FESTIVAL OFFICE ONLY. If you need a larger pitch (because for instance you plan on bringing an RV, Motorhome, Winnebago or Horsebox that exceeds the pitch size), please DO NOT purchase a Campervan Permit – you will need to email with the subject “Cornbury Festival Oversized Campervan” when tickets go on sale. We will then confirm a price based on the actual vehicle size and reserve the right to disallow vehicles that we think might be inappropriate for the site.

A campervan must be a purpose designed and constructed unit with fitted sleeping facilities and either washing or cooking facilities on board. Our stewards will be strict on this and any vehicle that is not deemed a campervan will be asked to park in one of the festival car parks.

The festival does not permit sleeping in the car parks overnight.

Unsuitable vehicles include unconverted vans, estate cars etc

Caravans and trailer tents are permitted, however cars will not be permitted to park within the campervan field.

A trailer tent must be made by a manufacturer and must not be a modified trailer with a tent attached to it.

The festival operates a strict fire risk management and each campervan pitch will be checked and inspected by our stewards and fire marshals to ensure it remains within the allotted space, and complies with fire safety standards.

To camp in your campervan or caravan, you will need ‘Weekend with Camping’ tickets (do NOT choose ‘Quieter Camping’ tickets), and a ‘Campervan Permit’ when tickets go on sale.


Nestled amongst the trees on manicured lawns, there is always plenty of accommodation to choose from. Please go to the Glamping page to see the different options that are available at the 2016 festival.


There is a separate, more easily accessible campsite for disabled customers who receive the middle or higher rate care component DLA. Please click here for more information.

To camp in the Accessible Campsite, you will need ‘Weekend with Camping’ tickets (do NOT choose ‘Quieter Camping’ tickets). For more information please go to our disabled access page.


Please note there is NO VIP campsite – the VIP experience applies to the arena only. If you are a VIP ticket holder, you will be camping in one of the regular campsites unless you have chosen the ‘Glamping’ option.


Please help the festival by remaining vigilant to fire safety and kindly observe the following rules & regulations whilst on site:

  • Open fires are not permitted
  • Generators are not permitted
  • Gas Bottles – please bring sufficient gas with you in the fitted cylinders on the vehicle ONLY. No spare bottles should be brought onto site, except those in purpose designed carriers in gas lockers.
  • Camping stoves should not be used in or near tents.
  • Empty gas canisters should not be put in with general rubbish.
  • In the event of any kind of leak or fire involving stove or gas, the area should be evacuated and the site fire service should be called immediately.
  • Please respect your neighbours – no sound systems will be permitted on site
  • Pitches are allocated on a first come first serve – we can’t save spaces.
  • Facilities: There will be toilets and showers available within the campervan site and also disposal facilities for elsen tanks
  • There are many beautiful and ancient trees within Great Tew Park, in the campsites, car parks and arena. It is the estate’s policy to leave the trees in their natural state to enhance the diversity and wildlife in the park, and therefore branches may be unstable and at risk of falling. Enjoy their beauty but respect their space and please do not camp or sit underneath them, or attempt to climb them.


British summer comes with the delights of horseflies and ticks – if you get a suspected bite and aren’t carrying a tick remover, please do see our medical team on site.