Disability Access




We want the Cornbury Music Festival to be an event that everyone can enjoy, so we try our best to make the site as accessible as we can.


Contact Details for all Access Enquiries:

Helena – Access Enquiries
The Cornbury Music Festival
5 Berghem Mews
Blythe Road
London W14 0HN

Telephone:  020 7229 2219
Email:  helena@soundadvice.uk.com

Download accessible information (word)
Download accessible information (pdf)


Free Personal Assistant Tickets:

If you are deaf or disabled and require full time assistance, your Personal Assistant is entitled to a FREE ticket for the Cornbury Music Festival and you may use the Accessible Facilities.

You will need to provide a copy of a recent letter (2016/2017) from the DWP stating that you are entitled to DLA/PIP, or a statement / alternative evidence that will support your claim for a free ticket for your Personal Assistant.

If you are unable to provide a letter from the DWP or a statement / alternative evidence to support your claim as requested above, you will not be entitled to a free ticket for your Personal Assistant.

HOW TO APPLY for your Personal Assistant’s free ticket:

You will need to purchase your ticket via Eventim.  You will then be able to apply for your Personal Assistant’s free ticket via the Festival Office.

  • FIRST buy your ticket online or over the phone when tickets go on sale
  • Download and fill in the Accessible Facilities Application Form, ensuring you enter your ticket booking confirmation number
  • Email it to helena@soundadvice.uk.com or post it to Accessible Facilities, Cornbury Music Festival, Unit 5, Berghem Mews, Blythe Road, London W14 0HN – along with a scan or copy of your letter from the DWP / alternative evidence, by Friday 23rd June 2017.

You will then be sent a ticket for your Personal Assistant (this will be the same ticket type that you have purchased), FREE OF CHARGE, along with a car pass and instructions regarding access to the festival.



We recognise that the evidence required for the free Personal Assistant tickets might not apply to everyone that has an access requirement.  If you do not have any of the above evidence but wish to apply for one or more access provisions, please fill in the Accessible Facilities Application Form.  You may be asked to provide additional evidence to support your request.  Requests will be judged on a case-by-case basis.


Accessible Camping:

When purchasing your tickets, you will need to choose the ‘Weekend with Camping’ option if you would like to camp in the Accessible Campsite.  Please do NOT purchase ‘Quieter camping’ tickets as these only apply to the general campsites.

Due to limited space in the Accessible Campsite we ask that each deaf or disabled customer has a maximum of 3 others camping with them (this includes your Personal Assistant, if applicable), however we are always happy to accommodate larger groups, and just ask that you contact us directly to let us know numbers before Friday, 23rd June 2017 – helena@soundadvice.uk.comCampervan spaces in the Accessible Campsite are now sold out. Please contact helena@soundadvice.uk.com for more information.

Our Accessible Campsite has a number of accessible toilets and showers as well as standard toilets for friends and family.

There will be 24-hour access to power for wheelchair charging. Please note that equipment left at this charging point is left at the visitors’ own risk and the Cornbury Music Festival cannot be held responsible for any theft/damage.

If you require access to the Accessible Campsite, please either apply via the Accessible Facilities Application Form 

Tangerine Fields can take some of the hassle out of camping by providing and pitching your tent for you in the Accessible Campsite. More info here.


Accessible Parking:

The Accessible Car Park will be positioned as close to the festival arena as possible – however, please be aware that the route to the arena from the car park will be across grass.  If you require assistance getting from the car park to the arena, please ask one of our stewards and they will be happy to help you.

If you require access to the Accessible Car Park, please apply via the Accessible Facilities Application Form.

PLEASE NOTE: The Accessible Car Park is for day ticket holders and those camping in the Accessible Campsite – if you are camping in one of the main campsites, you will not need access to the Accessible Car Park as you will be using a different entrance.

Please contact us helena@soundadvice.uk.com for any inquiries related to public transport options to the festival.


Medical Services:

There will be refrigeration facilities available for medication with the onsite medical team – please let us know in advance if you are likely to need to use this facility, by emailing helena@soundadvice.uk.com or calling 020 7229 2219


Accessible Toilets:

There will be a number of accessible toilets throughout the festival site and camping areas.


Viewing Platform:

There will be a viewing platform by the Front of House tower in the main arena, for viewing of the Pleasant Valley Stage.  If you require access to the viewing platform and the accessible toilet located next to it, please apply via the Accessible Facilities application form and we will arrange for you to have a laminate pass which will give you and your Personal Assistant (or a family member / friend) access to both.


Access to Performance: 

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer British Sign Language / Captioning / Audio Description.


Strobe Lighting:

Please note some of the music performances may include strobe lighting.


Assistance Dogs:

A ‘recognised Assistance Dog’ is one which has been specifically trained to assist a disabled person and which has been qualified by one of the charitable organisation as members of Assistance Dogs UK.

Please let us know in advance if you will be bringing your Assistance Dog to the festival by emailing helena@soundadvice.uk.com or calling 020 7229 2219.