Trolley Hire


The lovely people from Rainbow Barrow Hire will be on hand at Cornbury this year to cater for your trolley hire needs!



Terms of Hire

  • Hires are for 1 hour.
  • Each barrow hired requires a £20 security deposit.
  • Each luggage net requires a £5 security deposit.
  • On returning your barrow/nets you will be refunded your security deposit/s.
  • Late return charges will be taken from your security deposit.
  • Late return charges are charged at


Barrows £5 an hour or part of – Nets £1 an hour or part of

e.g. if your barrow is due back at 11 am and you return it at 11.15 am extra hour will be charged

  • Losses of barrow or nets are charged at the full deposit of each item


When on hire

  • You agree not to mistreat a barrow. Any damages will be charged at a minimum £20 on its return.
  • You agree to use the barrow for luggage and personal effects NOT people
  • Barrows can hold up to 130 kg (however we remind people to be aware of your own limitations. It is far better to take 3 leisurely journeys than risk hurting yourself in one and ruining a well deserved weekend.)



Deposits cannot be refunded without your hire slip issued when you first hire a barrow/net