love your tent

Offering a little oasis of calm amongst the chaos, Love Your Tent is full of people who are respectful to each other and the environment, leaving you free to enjoy the festival!

What you will need to stay with us:

  1. One Cornbury Festival Weekend Camping ticket for each person staying with us.

  2. One Love Your Tent Standard or Earlybird ticket for each person staying with us.

  3. One refundable Tent Deposit Ticket of £30 for each tent that your party brings.

  4. (This will be returned once you have taken both your tent and belongings away with you.)

  5. To be respectful to your fellow campers.

  6. To take your tent and everything else home with you when you leave.

Love Your Tent gives you access to….

A Reserved Pitch
You bring your tent and we give you a reserved, marked out pitch, appropriate for the size of your tent. Yours for the duration of the festival.

Lovely Toilets and Showers
Fabulous and clean showers and flushing loos are all you need to make you feel fresh and clean throughout the weekend.

A Glamping Café
Serving you a mix of full meals, hot drinks and snacks throughout the day.

Our Lovely Pamper Parlour
Equipped with mirrors, quality hairdryers and hair straighteners, the Love Your Tent Pamper Parlour is at your disposal to glamourise yourself ahead of the rigours of the festival.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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Car Parking

If driving, please let us know your vehicle registration for access to glamping parking.

For more information on Love Your Tent click here

Please note: when booking accommodation you will need to book a Cornbury Glamping Wristband for each member of your party at a cost of £15 per head


Glamping Options

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