All For A Good Cause

Dear Corners,

Our long term partners FRANK Water are pushing their timely Drastic on Plastic Campaign which we’re particularly keen on as we try to reduce waste quantities at the festival. When you’re on site it’s pretty simple to buy one of their lovely bottles and then get free water refills all weekend – how simple is that?


Brilliant Banbury locals Dogs for Good join us for the 3rd year. Their presence at the festival has always been particularly uplifting and we’re thrilled that we’ve already helped raise goodly sums for assistance dogs from the campsite trolley dash and arena displays. Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to have their 'This Morning' star Digby join us for the festivities.
We like to think we’re a little bit brave persevering with our ridiculous festival adventure but quite honestly we’re babies in comparison to those incredible people at Medicins Sans Frontiers – the world's most heroic charity. Always first in at any world disaster - often the only ones there. We’re honoured to have them back at Cornbury and happy to help spread the word.


I’m sure you’re all relived that we’re not just about frippery – hopefully we’re doing something a bit useful at the same time.


Hugh x

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