Festive Five & The Grinch's Golden UpGrade

Dear Cornbury Elves,
Though I’m not a great lover of the festive spirit I’ve been persuaded to just get a grip and embrace ‘The Christmas’ as my father used to call it - we really do need a bit of joy in these strange times after all.
So from tomorrow Wednesday12th December 2018 at 9am through to Sunday 16th December 2018 at 9am, we’re opening our Festive Five Dayer - an extension of our Early Bird Offer in celebration of our super-duper Sunday headliners - the one & only Beach Boys.

As if this wasn't enough, I'm throwing in another really ridiculous piece of Christmas cheer - we’re going to upgrade ONE LUCKY PAIR of new weekender buyers to VIP on EACH OF THE FIVE DAYS! 

We will select five lucky couple at random to enjoy the perks of VIP - and all for a discounted regular weekend price - splendiferous!
Sending you all a very special Christmas message from the particular brand of highly decorated Beach shirt - MELE KALIKIMAKA.

Thanks for your support.


Beach Boys - Christmas image.jpeg
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