A Surely Sensational Sixteenth

Cornbury2015_bpp_224 GRANNIES ARMS UP.jpg

Dear Friends,
Yes the moment of truth is nearly upon us. After months of working in the shadows, clandestine meetings with rock ‘n’ roll agents in darkened rooms and the exchange of strange packages in dimly lit alleyways – we’re almost there – another fully-fledged, all singing much dancing Cornbury line-up is about to step into the light.

We’re quietly confident that you’re going to really love this one – so much so that this year we’re going to release our musical news in stages – to avoid the risk of any adverse reaction caused by an overage of overexcitement. As if having the legendary Beach Boys as our closing act on Sunday July 7th weren’t enough already, we’re about to reveal two very special BIG names for your delight PLUS a rather delicious additional treat.

So standby your devices next Thursday February 7th – we think it will be a fun ride.


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