All For Good Friday

Dear Corners,
Here at Cornbury HQ we take our social responsibilities seriously – we’re not just about having a lovely party in a beautiful place.
We’re very proud of our association with Banbury based DOGS FOR GOOD. Over the last few years we’ve helped raise the money to buy an assistance dog to add to their team of huggable, helpful hounds. Our visit to their open day after the 2017 Cornbury edition helped with our decision to keep going.

Conbury2016_bpp_023 dogs for good.jpg

As you know we’re big on our international connections here so it’s been our particular pleasure to work with the legendary fearless fellows at MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES. We’re very honoured that the Cornbury audience comes out at the top of their engagement chart – a very responsive crowd they tell us – but we knew that already!

MSF121917(High) (1).jpg

This year we’re thrilled to welcome charitable newcomers from Oxford – the Children’s support charity SEESAW. We were introduced to this worthy cause by our chums at Jack FM who have run a few marathons for them.

SeeSaw family day 1.jpg

With the help of you, our loyal supporters we’ve managed to raise over £250,000 for good causes during the last 15 years. We’ve also donated lots & lots of tickets to local charity auctions - this is our proudest achievement.
Too much of the do-goodery - of course we want to host a great musical feast, but we might as well do something useful at the same time.
Thanks for your help.


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